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I am Changing my Focus To Tax Free Planning.
Here are the reasons why I doing it.

I have been selling health and life insurance for last 15 years and sold over 10,000 insurance policies and have served our policy holders. Now as I am reaching my retirement age and evaluating my career I have come to the conclusion that I did not provide enough emphasis on my clients’ wealth and retirement planning. Every time I talked to my customers all they were concerned about was their health insurance and whenever I brought the subject of retirement planning they were not interested because they were spending too much money on their health insurance premiums. I saw their health insurance premiums go up by 500% and they were not very happy but kept on paying higher premiums because they did not take time to evaluate cheaper plans because they were scared. Now most of these customers cannot pay their high health insurance premiums because they have no savings. What I learned was that they could have saved over 50% in health insurance premiums by buying higher deductible plans put that money in safe whole life insurance policies that would have made thousands of dollars for them rather than paying high health insurance premiums. Now about 80% of these policies holders have no tax free retirement plans that could help them to let their money grow tax free, compound tax free and withdraw tax free. Watch the video.

Do you know that permanent life insurance is not only the single biggest benefit in the IRS tax code (section 7702) but it is also the most cost effective way to protect your IRA and 401K plans? Life insurance can fix money and retirement problems, resulting in tax free growth, tax free compounding and tax free withdrawal. Every time you hear life insurance some people just tune it out or postpone it. You could be wrong. Give me 30 minutes and I will show you how to avoid paying taxes on your social security and retirement income. Please watch this video from America number 1 financial advisor CPA Ed Slot.