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Medicare Supplement Insurance Coverage

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas offers underwritten Medicare Supplement insurance plans A, D, and F. By law some prospects will qualify for these plans on a guaranteed issue basis.

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Medicare Supplement Plan F — The Medigap Policy of Choice

In June of 2010, Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans changed forever. Four plans were eliminated and two brand new plans were actually created and introduced. Even after all these changes, the best and most popular Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan is still Medicare Supplemental Plan F. Why? Because even through all the changes, Medicare Supplement Plan F maintained its comprehensive nature and low monthly premium (as offered by the best insurance agencies).

The newer Medicare Supplement plans just do not offer the same coverage as the heralded Medicare Supplement Plan F. Sure the newer plans may be less expensive monthly, but those individuals who need medical services may find that their expenses out-of-pocket will be a lot higher due to the rise in copayments and deductibles. Also, the monthly premium for Medicare Supplemental Plan F is not really any higher if you get quotes from all agencies and companies in order to make sure you get the lowest price out there.

Medicare Advantage Plans have certainly become very popular the past couple years. However, with the new Healthcare Reform bill, Medicare Advantage Plans have become more expensive, with many of the benefits eliminated. This is an unfortunate result of government budgetary cuts to the Medicare Advantage program, which has drained taxes for decades. To make matters worse, many physicians and hospitals no longer accept these kinds of plans, making them utterly useless.

The best Medicare supplemental plan is also the most popular. Medicare Supplement Plan F is the preferred plan among most people enrolling in Medicare for the very first time. Because of this, the risk involved for insurance companies that offer these supplemental plans is low, which lowers the monthly premium for people who purchase Medicare Supplemental Plan F, making it the more affordable option.

Almost every company offers Medicare Supplement Plan F because it is widely considered the Best Medicare Supplemental Plan. Insurance agencies want to sell as many plans as they can; this means that they must compete on pricing because Medicare Supplement Plan F has the same benefits everywhere it is sold. This same competition also reduces the price for Medicare Supplement Plan F, and makes it more affordable for consumers.

Though other Medicare Supplemental plans may cost less than Medicare Supplement Plan F on a monthly basis, there are also more issues involved with those plans mostly because you have to pay annual deductibles for doctors’ services. We highly recommend that you stay with Medicare Supplement Plan F if it is something you can afford.

With Medicare Supplement Plan F, you are getting the most complete Medigap coverage or Medicare coverage around.

Let’s take a look at just what exactly Medicare Supplemental Plan F covers:

Medicare Supplement Plan F covers:

Additionally, Medicare Supplement Plan F even covers:

Medicare Supplement Plan F has a high-deductible option. If you choose the high-deductible option on Medicare Supplement Plan F, you must pay a deductible of $2,000 for 2012 before the plan pays out anything. This amount fluctuates annually. Remember, you may qualify for Medicare Supplemental Plan F depending on your location of residence.

Blue Cross Blue Shield
Blue Cross Blue Shield
Blue Cross Blue Shield
Blue Cross Blue Shield

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas offers underwritten Medicare Supplement insurance plans A, D, and F. By law some prospects will qualify for these plans on a guaranteed issue basis. Plans are available to Texas residents age 65 and over, who are enrolled in Medicare Part A & Part B, or Texas residents under age 65 who are enrolled in Medicare Part A, and are within 6 months of enrolling in Part B.

When choosing for a company that will offer you medicare supplement insurance, you should consider the price, reputation and service. Regardless what policy the client chooses, it should make sense that they will choose the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas.


- Part A Hospital Deductible Coverage
-Hospital Co-payment Coverage
-Skilled Nursing Facility Coverage
-Coverage for Physician Fees and Other Medical Expenses
-Coverage for Foreign Travel Emergencies
Individual Insurance Plan Highlights:
Plan D: Coverage for at-Home Recovery After a Hospital Stay
Plan F: Coverage for Part B Deductible and Excess Charges Above Medicare-Approved Amounts

Medicare Supplemental Insurance Features
•           No Claim Forms in Most Cases
•           Membership Card Recognition Guaranteed Nationwide
•           No Waiting Period for Pre-Existing Health Conditions
•           Coverage for All Medicare-Approved Services
•           Protection to Keep Pace with Medicare Cost Increases
•           Freedom to Choose Licensed Physicians and Hospitals
•           Five Billing Options: ?E-Z Blue Payment Option for Monthly Billing, Pre-Authorized Automatic Withdrawals, or Pay by Check Every Month, 3 Months, 6 months, or once a year.

Medicare Supplemental Insurance Eligibility

Our products are under written. However, Medicare Supplement insurance Plans A, D,and F are issued on a guarantee issue basis for all Texas residents age 65 and over who have Medicare Part A, and are within six months of eligibility for MedicarePart B, or had one of the following events occur within the last 63 days (You must provide material supporting evidence that one of these events has occurred):

If you fail to meet the aforementioned qualifications listed above, your application will be subject to underwriting. You must complete Part Two (Health History/Medical Questions) on the application.
Applicants at or exceeding the following weights (based on height and gender) cannot be offered coverage:

Male Female
Height Weight Height Weight
5'0" 209 4'8" 185
5'1" 215 4'9" 190
5'2" 224 4'10" 195
5'3" 232 4'11" 199
5'4" 238 5'0" 204
5'5" 245 5'1" 209
5'6" 253 5'2" 215
5'7" 259 5'3" 221
5'8" 267 5'4" 227
5'9" 275 5'5" 232
5'10" 282 5'6" 237
5'11" 290 5'7" 244
6'0" 298 5'8" 251
6'1" 308 5'9" 260
6'2" 316 5'10" 265
6'3" 326 5'11" 275
6'4" 334 6'0" 284
6'5" 342 6'1" 291
6'6" 352 6'2" 298
6'7" 361 6'3" 304
6'8" 369 6'4" 313
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Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas offers underwritten Medicare Supplement insurance plans A, D, and F By law, some prospects will qualify for these plans on a guaranteed issue basis. learn more.